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Access Control & Time Attendance Device Importer in Bangladesh

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Last Modified On: 11-10-2021

Access Control Device Importer in Bangladesh | DIGI-MARK SOLUTION 

Access control is the act of controlling who enters and leaves a specific location, such as your office or residence. This can be accomplished by locking doors with keys to keep out intruders, but other methods exist from turning off an alarm system when someone comes in through a window instead of entering through the front door.

Accessing security systems has evolved over time into something more sophisticated than just locking up after hours. Today's access controls include biometric scanners that read fingerprints for those employees allowed entry at night; video surveillance cameras that scan every inch around to detect potential threats before they get too close. Digi-Mark Solution Authorized Distributor of ZKteco, Virdi, Access Control in Bangladesh.

Time Attendance System Price in BD:

As with Access Control systems, Time Attendance devices also have two major segments Biometric and non-biometric. In today’s era, Biometrics are becoming more and more popular. Especially contactless Face Recognition devices are becoming the current choice. 

For Both Access Control and Time Attendance, worlds Major manufacturers like ZKTeco, IDEMIA, Secugen, VIRDI, Nitgen, Timmy, Suprema and BioID. All these manufacturers are focussing on enhancing their biometric systems to be more advanced and more accurate, and faster. Especially the face recognition technology is getting updated day by day, it’s becoming faster and can recognize a face from a Long Distance to save precious time.

The most Popular Biometric Device Models are ZKTeco K90, F20, MB460, uFace800, Virdi AC2100Plus, AC7000, uBioXFace, Suprema BioEntryPlus, Nitgen enBioaccessT1, Timmy RS20, T52 at the best price buy from us. In this current era of Ai, the Access Control and Time Attendance machines technologies also getting updated rapidly. In the future, technologies like odour, voice and gesture detection will also come into the scene. DIGI-MARK SOLUTION Importer and authorized distributor of Access Control & Time Attendance Device for various bands, the most notable of which is Zkteco, Virdi, Nexakey, the Vians etc. For Dealer Price, Contact Us at 01979-234328 or visit our Dhaka Head Office, IDB Branch, Uttara CCTV & access control Showroom, Chittagong branches.

What is a biometrics Product?

Internationally, Biometrics Product is the most suitable means of identifying and authenticating individuals in a reliable and fast way through unique biological characteristics. ZKTeco Biometrics is a leading provider of biometric identification technologies for enhancing identity management, improving logical and physical security, and increasing operational efficiency. ZKTeco biometrics products include fingerprint scanners, facial authentication systems, iris scanners, digital signature pad, time & attendance systems etc.

ZKTeco Biometrics has supplied nearly 1000 units to Bangladesh Police Headquarters (HQ) in Dhaka city recently. In addition to this one more order has placed by Security Services in December 2014 for supplying another 500 pieces of BioMetric Products which will be completed very soon. A lot of government agencies especially Bangladesh Police are using ZKTeco Biometrics at three different levels - HQ level, District Level, and Upazila level to improve their security system. biometric products are widely used in Bangladesh Police for various purposes.

Biometric Product distributor in Bangladesh

Digi-Mark Solution receives an export license from the Government of Bangladesh and it is a pioneer in providing Digi-Mark biometric devices to Bangladeshi customers. We focusing on Biometrics products, Security Surveillance, and Home automation Service at the lowest price in Bangladesh. Digi-Mark has supplied ZKteco, Virdi, Realtime Time Attendance to all companies and organizations as well as governmental sectors such as banking, general insurance, the telecommunication sector etc. Besides this Digi-Mark also supplies ZKTeco uFace800 , ZKTeco iClock 700 Series time attendance devices in Bangladesh.