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About Access Control & Time Attendance

Access Control System
Access control system always mentioned for keyless smart entry and exit solution for home, office and factories. Today’s electronic access control devices can be differentiated in two major segments, Biometric and non biometric.  In Biometric devices, entry access permitted using Fingerprint, Face Recognition, Palm Recognition and IRIS recognition. On the other hand Non Biometric access granted using contactless RFID card and PIN.

Time Attendance System:
As like access Control system, Time Attendance devices also have two major segments Biometric and non biometric. In today’s era Biometric Devices are becoming more and more popular. Specially the contact less Face Recognition devices are becoming current choice. 

For Both AccessnControl and Time Attendance, worlds Major manufacturers like ZKTeco, IDEMIA, Secugen, VIRDI, Nitgen, Timmy, Suprema and BioID. All these manufacturers are focussing to enhance their biometric devices to be more advanced and more accurate and more faster. Specially the face recognition technology is getting updated day by day, it’s becoming more faster and can recognise face from a long Distance to save precious time.

Most Popular Biometric Device Models are ZKTeco K90, F20, MB460, uFace800, Virdi AC2100Plus, AC7000, uBioXFace, Suprema BioEntryPlus, Nitgen enBioaccessT1, Timmy RS20, T52.  In this current era of Ai, the Access Control and Time Attendance Devices technologies also getting updated rapidly. In future technologies like odour, voice and gesture detection will also come into scene. Digimark Solution Importer and authorized distributor of Access Control & Time Attendance Device for various bands, the most notable of which is Zkteco, Virdi,  Nexakey, the Vians etc.For Dealer Price, Contact Us at 01979-234328 or visit our Dhaka Head Office, IDB Branch, Uttara CCTV & access control Showroom, Chittagong branches.