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Network Switch Price in Bangladesh

A network switch is an essential component of a business network to connect Ethernet cables from a number of devices together. Apart from the network switch, hub and router are all computer networking devices with differing characteristics and are often interchangeably used by some technicians.

A network is a service that forwards data packets between devices. Switches send packets directly to devices instead of sending them to networks like a router. A network switch gets data to where it should be from by processing packets of data and routing them to the intended destination. In a small business setting, for example, a network switch could be used to connect a computer, printer, and server and pass data between all three. 

We have provided all the high-speed Network Switches of different bands all over Bangladesh since 2006. We are the Authorized Distributor of world-renowned brands ZKTeco, Realtime, Virdi, DSPPA, B&Ton, VIANS, Nexakey, and many more in Bangladesh. We are the importer of all the premium Network Switches, and we offer these switches to our customers at the best price in Bangladesh.

How does a Network Switch work?

A switch is used to connect devices using Ethernet cables. This network allows each connected device to talk to the others without having to use a network connection. This is a wireless-only network that does not use switches because devices such as wireless routers and adapters communicate directly with one another.

When the source wants to send the data packet to the destination, they enter the Switch, and the Switch reads its header and finds the MAC address of the destination to identify them; then they send a packet through those ports that lead to the destination devices.

The Switch provides a temporary connection between source and destination for communication and terminates the connection once the conversation is made. Also, it offers full bandwidth to network traffic going to and from a device at the same time to reduce collision.

Types of Network Switch

If you are a network builder or business owner, knowing the different types of switches will help you select the right solution for your network's needs.

Network Switches

We have available Network Switches of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. Such as

ZKTeco Switch

ZKTeco Network Switches offer ultra-long distance transmission, reliable power supplies with high-voltage surge protection, and VIP ports prioritizing important data.

MikroTik Switch 

MikroTik Switches are the first choice for any engineer who wants to switch to network technology. They have top-of-the-line features that keep them on the bleeding edge of switching technology. Products such as RouterBOARD and Carrier-class Cloud Core switches.

TP-Link Switch 

TP-LINK's Smart Switches offer cost-effective network solutions for small and medium businesses. Integrated with useful L2 features such as 802.1Q VLAN, QoS, IGMP Snooping, STP, Storm Control, and SNMP, TP-LINK's Smart Switch provides administrators a simple, cost-effective networking solution.

Cisco Switch

The Cisco Network Switch is a network-related device that allows connections around the world to be transferred via the Internet. It works like the Internet in some areas allowing you to transfer data information and also access other computers which are connected to it.

Hikvision Switch

Hikvision offers a new series of PoE Switches that offer ultra-long distance transmission, reliable power supplies with high-voltage surge protection, and VIP ports that prioritize important data.

Dahua Switch

Dahua Network Switchers have dedicated PoE switches designed especially for the security industry. The switch provides different Gigabit Ethernet PoE ports and supports Layer 2 network management and PoE management with high-speed data forwarding.

Best Network Switch for Home or Office

A switch is a relatively simple piece of hardware. It's often found in 4-port, 8-port, and 12-port configurations. You will typically see a network switch identified as a 10/100 Ethernet or 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet switch. This refers to the maximum network speed the Switch will support per connection. If you want to connect multiple computers or devices in your home, you can buy the Dahua PFS3005-4P-58 4-Port, Dahua PFS3010-8ET-96 8-Port, or Cisco SF95D-08

On the other hand, If you're more users or your office premises are large, you should buy one with a high budget. For example, The Cisco WS-C2960+24TC-S Port, Cisco WS-C2960+24PC-S, etc.

Advantages of Network Switch 

Things are you have to keep in mind before buying a Network Switch.

Managed or Unmanaged Switch - Which one are you going to choose? A managed or unmanaged switch. A managed switch is often called "plug-and-play," but it means there is no ability to configure an unmanaged network switch. An unmanaged switch gives you the ability to manually configure, monitor, and manage the devices on your network.

Digi-Mark Solution has available Network Switches of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka Motijheel), IDB branch, Multiplan branch, Uttara Branch, or Chittagong showrooms. We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. Total setup and after-sale support can be ensured at the best price. To know more details, please get in touch with Us at our Facebook Page or 01979-234344

Last Modified On: 18-06-2024