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Last Modified On: 02-01-2023

IP Phone & PBX Best Price in BD

IP telephony is a telephone system that works over the Internet instead of via conventional copper wires. The technology relies on a communication protocol known as the Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly abbreviated to VoIP.  IP telephony offers a range of benefits over a conventional phone system, Call charges are notably low, High Defintion Audio clarity and enhanced feature set (particularly for business applications), and the versatility to work on a wide range of devices. VoIP is a mature technology, and the transition from conventional telephony to an IP-based system is usually straight forward and relatively simple to implement.

Benefits of IP PBX systems

The IP capacity of the IP phone is much higher than any other phone. This phone can hold conferences with up to 10,000 people at a time which is impossible to do with other phones. IP phones do not need a separate adapter to connect directly to the Internet. The Internet connection is provided by connecting the router's LAN port to the Internet cable to the IP phone's LAN port. Digimarkbd  provides a variety of IP phone sets designed for busy offices at the best Price in BD. Client Satisfaction is our prime Concern through the service of premium quality products.