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PA & Conference System MP825 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier
MP825 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier
MP825 6 Zones Integrated Mixer AmplifierMP825 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier

MP825 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier

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Product Code PR00683
Model MP825 6 Zones

    • 6 zones output, each zone with individual volume control
    • 4 remote paging stations, support cascaded linkage
    • 4 combo Mic inputs, support phantom power supply

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Last Modified On: 08-02-2023

MP825 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier

MP812/825/835integrated amp is a multi zone mixer and this kind of cost-effective professional intelligent address system combining the luxurious and high-grade aluminum-alloy panel with standard and exquisite case with an elegant appearance, and also suitable for household, factory, school, hospital, shop and other commercial application. MP 825 series is a kind of integrated mixer amplifier. The amplification system of this equipment is designed with imported power tube, resulting in the strong power, wide frequency band, low noise, high fidelity and quality at the level of performance. As a multi zone amplifier, there are six partitions and constant impedance output in order to facilitate the user to access the back-end loudspeaker. With the perfect and reliable overload protection, short-circuit protection, and overheat protection, the safety performance of this equipment is improved. The technical essence of this product is focused on the super adaptability and perfect performance.

Digi-Mark Solution authorized distributor of DSPPA in Bangladesh. You can buy the DSPPA MP825 6 Zones Integrated Mixer Amplifier at best and dealer price from Our Head Office (Dhaka, Motijheel), IDB branch, Multiplan branch, Uttara Branch, Chittagong (chattagram) showrooms. For Lowest, dealer and best price Contact Us at 01979-234344.



Rated power


Constant voltage output

70V, 100V

Constant impedance output

4-16Ω (balanced, not grounded)

Line input sensitivity

300mV(±50mV), 1kHz/unbalanced;

Microphone input sensitivity

3.0mV(±0.5mV), 1kHz/unbalanced;

5.5mV(±0.5mV), 1kHz/balanced

EMC input sensitivity

300mV(±50mV), 1kHz/unbalanced;

Telephone sound source input sensitivity

300mV(±50mV), 1kHz/unbalanced;

Frequency response

MIC: 100Hz-18kHz (±3dB);

TEL: 100Hz-18kHz (±3dB);

LINE: 80Hz-20kHz (±3dB);

Tune control

±10dB (Bass: 100Hz);

±10dB (Treble: 10KHz);

Signal to noise ratio

MIC: ≥55dB;

TEL: ≥65dB;

LINE: ≥75dB;

Auxiliary line output

0dBV, unbalanced

Remote microphone input

2000mV, balanced

Protection function

Overload protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection

Total harmonic distortion

≤ 1% (1kHz, normal working condition)

Output adjustment rate

From full load to no load, ≤3dB

Power consumption


Dimension of machine (L×W×H mm)


Dimension of packing (L×W×H mm)


Net weight


Gross weight


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