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Security Surveillance 12V Mini UPS
12V Mini UPS
12V Mini UPS

12V Mini UPS

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Product Code PR00619
Brand Infilink
Model 12V Mini UPS

    • Input Voltage DC12V-2A
    • Output Voltage DC7V-12V/0.8A
    • Capacity 12V
    • Model Number 12V UPS

Hotline: 01979234344 | Corporate: 01979234316
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Last Modified On: 30-12-2021
12V Mini UPS

12V Mini-UPS is used for 5V fingerprint sensor. Under the environment where the power is cut off suddenly, power discharge can be realized automatically to continue power supply for fingerprint sensor. UPS system can regulate discharge cut-off voltage automatically to avoid battery over discharging caused by fixed setting. Auto even floating charge switch control can recover battery capacity quickly and activate battery effectively. Auto temperature compensation can prolong battery usage greatly.
Normally, Mini-UPS is under non-working state. The power adapter will supply fingerprint sensor power by changing alternating current into direct current. If Mini-UPS is in non-saturation state, it will charge itself. When the power is cut off, Mini-UPS will turn into discharge state automatically to supply power to fingerprint sensor.

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