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Full Height Turnstile Price in Bangladesh

By installing the right solution for the right project, you can gain an advantage in your ability to enter a space and show that you are committed to providing the right service.

Full height turnstiles are floor-to-ceiling turnstiles with mechanical rotating barriers. They operate similarly to a revolving door, with the only difference being that they allow access to one person at a time by locking after a single person makes entry into the system. These access control turnstiles are designed to offer maximum security because it is impossible for an unauthorized person to climb over them.

We have provided all the premium Full height Turnstiles of different bands all over Bangladesh since 2006. We are the Authorized Distributor of world-renowned brands  ZKTecoRealtimeVirdi, DSPPAB&TonVIANSNexakey, and many more in Bangladesh. We offer all the high-end Full height Turnstiles at the best price in Bangladesh. 

How does a Full Height Turnstile work?

Configuration of full height turnstiles typically features the most recent technology and materials, allowing them to operate effectively both outdoors and indoors. They are also designed to incorporate a variety of safety and security features for maximum strength and durability. 

  1. Turn on the power supply, and it will work in 3 seconds.
  2. When the card reader reads a valid card, the humming device will make a comfortable sound, prompting the pedestrians to read the card successfully; at the same time, the application for approval signal is sent to the main control board for judgment readings.
  3. The control board retrieves the card reader and sends out effective control signals to the motor to make the motor run. The gate opens when the motor is usually open so that pedestrians can pass through it without getting trapped.

Where can a Full Height Turnstile be used?

Full height turnstile is a new technology that can help you in more restrictive areas. It is often used in more restricted areas, usually used in factories, construction sites, prisons, enterprises, and institutions. Full height turnstile can effectively solve the loopholes in the channel management of tripod turnstiles and can drill people under the pole. Because full height turnstile has a higher turned-ness, it has better anti-climbing and anti-drilling effect.

Advantages of Full-Hight Turnstiles

It is crucial for any business that relies on access control and security to be secure. We have a range of systems and methods to protect our people and property. The Turnstile is one such system that can help us do this easily and quickly.

Best Full-Height Turnstile in Bangladesh

Digi-Mark Solution is the best Full Height Turnstile supplier in Bangladesh. We have an expert technical team to install it successfully on your precious premises. We offer the high-performance Full Height Turnstile at the best price in Bangladesh. Different types of Full Height Turnstile available to choose from, for example: 

 Important things to consider before buying a Full Height Turnstile

The number of Turnstiles to be installed: Typically, the number of turnstiles to be installed depends on the size of your establishment. A bigger entrance will mean more turnstiles. Further, you need to take into account the throughput and peak traffic at the entrance. Installing more turnstiles will increase the throughput speed as more turnstile lanes will enable more people to pass through them per minute.

Digi-Mark Solution has available Full Height Turnstile of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka Motijheel), IDB branch, Multiplan branch, Uttara Branch, or Chittagong showrooms. We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. Total set-up and after-sale support can be ensured at the best price. To know more details, please get in touch with Us at our Facebook Page or 01979-234344.

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