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Face Recognition System Price in Bangladesh

In modern times, technology has brought about modernity in the attendance and access of employees of various institutions. Include banks, businesses, offices, schools, and colleges. The face recognition system is the most secure authentication system in various methods, such as the Fingerprint System, Face Recognition, Palm Recognition, RFID Card, and Iris Recognition.

Facial recognition is a kind of biometric security that identifies people based on their faces. It can be used in a photo, video, or real-time situation to identify an individual's identity. There are other forms of biometrics such as voice and fingerprint recognition too. The technology has mostly been applied for security and law enforcement purposes, but increased interest has recently been in this area. 

We have provided high-end Face Recognition Terminals to our clients here since 2006. We are the authorized distributor of world-renowned brands ViRDI, ZKTeco, Realtime, VIANS, and many more in Bangladesh. 

ZKTeco Face Recognition Terminal Price in BD

ZKTeco is a globally-renowned provider of Face Recognition Terminal. It has been at the forefront of time attendance solutions for 30 years, integrating advanced biometric technologies with versatile terminals. We are an importer and Authorized distributor in Bangladesh and provide all the decent Face recognition devices at the best price! Starting price of the ZKTeco Face Recognition Device at 20,000taka. For example:

VIRDI Face Recognition Terminal Price in BD

The Korean brand VIRDI is one of the best brands in the world for biometrics and time attendance devices. The brand currently has authorized distributors for Fingerprint, USB scanners, Door Lock in over 120 countries. Only DIGI-MARK SOLUTION is the authorized distributor of VIRDI in Bangladesh, which manages to take care of your security needs with its reputation as a leading company in security surveillance and Automation products since 2006 here! VIRDI offers high-end Face recognition devices, Virdi face recognition terminals are more expensive than other brands, most of the Virdi Face Recognition device prices are around 50,000taka to 1,25,000taka  such as: 

Realtime Face Recognition Terminal Price in BD

With a deep understanding and knowledge of fingerprint core technology, Realtime Biometrics can provide the best security solutions. The fundamental principle and key ingredients behind the great success of the Biometric strategy have been mainly its two main components (a) Its Research, (b) Its Development. The company's current successful operation is deeply rooted in a mission of accomplishing its desired aim with its knowledge base and skills. Digi-Mark Solution authorized distributor of Realtime in Bangladesh. The best Realtime Face Recognition Terminals are ready in our stock, for example.

Face Recognition with Temperature and Mask Detection 

At present, the world is facing an unprecedented crisis that is covid-19. At this time, we should choose a device with temperature and mask detection. That's why we bring you Face recognition terminals with temperature and mask detection functions. It will be helpful to reduce the spread of germs and prevent infections. It can be used at each access point of premises such as Hospitals, Schools, Factories, Commercial Buildings, Airports, etc. During face and palm verification, it will identify a person with masked. In addition, it will measure body temperature accurately. 

Face Recognition Devices for Office

Face Recognition Terminal is the perfect solution for accurately tracking employee attendance and accessing restricted areas. If your company needs devices on a large scale, VIRDI UBio-X Pro, VIRDI UBio-X Pro-lite, or ZKTeco ProFace X should be your choice. Alternatively, if you have fewer employees to monitor, then ZKTeco MB10-VL, Realtime TM -F610, or ZKTeco Multi Bio 800-H would suit you best.

Special Features of Face Recognition

Facial recognition Terminal can help verify a person’s identity, which raises privacy issues. The main features of most facial recognition are fast recognition, live face detection, face image quality determination, tolerance to face posture, fast matching speed, and more user authentication at the same time. Most people are familiar with face recognition terminals. 

Advantages of Face Recognition Access Control & Time Attendance

Korean Access Control Device Price in Bangladesh

Certainly, you're interested in Korean-made access control devices with the brand "Virdi" that are available in Bangladesh. Virdi is a reputable Korean manufacturer known for its biometric access control and time attendance solutions. To find Virdi access control devices in Bangladesh, You can contact Digimark Solution, an authorized distributor of Virdi in Bangladesh.

Best Face Recognition Access Control & Time Attendance

We have all the best Face Recognition Terminals which are more reliable and efficient. Digi-Mark Solution is the best provider of Face Recognition Devices from low budget to high budget all over Bangladesh. If you need more capacity with a better experience for Face Recognition, you have to buy a device with a high budget like ZKTeco FaceKiosk V32, ZKTeco FaceKiosk H21, VIRDI UBio X Pro. On the other hand, if your budget is limited, we recommend you to buy Realtime T304F, ZKTeco SpeedFace H5, ZKTeco uFace202, etc.

Consider before buying a Face Recognition Device.

In order to find the right face recognition device for your business, consider some questions. These are: How many employees do you have? What type of data will you need from their timesheets? How much spending capacity do you have, if any at all? Do you want online or on-site support for your attendance data if multiple sites are in use? In addition, You have to consider: 

Best Face Recognition Device Price list in Bangladesh 2023

VIRDI UBio-X Face   call for price
ZKTeco MultiBio 800-H  call for price
ZKTeco uFace800  call for price
Realtime T304F  call for price
Virdi UBIO-X PRO 2  call for price
ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L[TD]  call for price
VIRDI UBio-X Face  call for price

Digi-Mark Solution has available Face Recognition Terminals of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka Motijheel), IDB branch, Multiplan branch, Uttara Branch, Chittagong showrooms. We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. Total set-up and after-sale support can be ensured at the best price. To know more details, please Contact Us at our Facebook Page or 01979-234344.

Last Modified On: 22-05-2024