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Why do we need Smart Door Lock system?

Published On : 17-09-2022

Why do we need a Smart door lock system?

Smart Lock is one of the best entry points into Home & Hotel automation. A smart door lock enables house owners to leave a key behind to remotely unlock and lock doors using an intermediary, such as a Fingerprint or Voice command. Smart locks also let users access their houses, even if they aren't home. This modern era has come up with various innovations in door locks, with the 21st century witnessing the emergence of smart door locks. We have been providing all the high-quality Smart door locks since 2006 in Bangladesh. We are the authorized of high-end smart Hotel Door Lock brands ZKTeco, Virdi, Realtime, and many more in Bangladesh. For more information please feel free to contact us: 01979-234344 or Facebook Page

Why do we need a Smart Door Lock for Homes/Apartments?

Protecting our loving family and staying safe must be our top priority. Reading up on many ways to safeguard our residence and everything in it should be the first priority for us—That's why you have to use the smart lock to enhance your security. Smart Lock lets you control your home from anywhere using your mobile phone. These locks inform you regarding any visitors in your absence and also allow you to keep a check on any unauthorized entry. 

Smart Lock for Home/Apartment Safety

Firstly, to keep our family safe, we should stop unauthorized access. If we use a normal lock, it is possible to unlock it illegally way, but the Smart Locks do not allow unlocking without authorization. Smart door locks are connected to networks, and anyone with a smart lock should keep apps updated, passwords secure, and use a unique PIN for unlocking via voice assistants. So there is no way to access any unauthorized. Upon detection of unauthorized entry into your home, the lock sends an alert to your smart device, so you are able to follow up and take action.  

Why do we need Smart Door Lock for Office/Hotel?

Smart door locks not look like traditional door locks. These locks give your door a premium look. They come with various options, such as Keypad based door locks for which you can set passwords. Fingerprint door lock that can be used with your fingerprint, Face-recognition based door lock. You can opt for any smart door lock of your choice to enhance your security experience. 


No need to search for keys anymore

We may lose our door lock keys elsewhere, and it is a regular problem with traditional locks. You don't have to worry about your door key every time you leave your house because you can simply close your door lock anytime and from anywhere. In this case, if we use a smart door lock, it allows us to unlock it remotely. A smart door lock can be unlocked by smartphone. These locks let us unlock in multiple ways, such as fingerprint authentication, face recognition, PIN, card, etc. So no more risk of keys or cards being lost or accidentally locked in the room.

Let in friends when you're away

There may be certain instances wherein your family or friends may show up in your absence. No need to make key copies anymore. Instead, you can give digital keys to your family or friend to enter your home, office, or hotel. The smart door lock also has the option to allow friends and family members to access it, so the system works nicely for the entire household. 

Suppose your kids were to return from school at a time when you're not at home. Smart Lock allows you from anywhere to make sure your kids enter safely. You can also control the permissions when someone is allowed access to your home.

Can we unlock our door without an Internet connection or electricity?

This is a commonly asked question about smart door locks, and the answer is - Yes, it is possible to work because many smart locks also come with a key port that can be used as a standard door lock. In addition, it has the option of connecting with your lock via BlueTooth. That allows you when you're within range.

Best 5 Smart Door Lock

Although a lot of smart door locks of different brands are available in Bangladesh, very few brands maintain higher quality. In this case, we highly recommend you buy the top 5 smart door locks, there are: 

  1. ZKTeco TL100 Smart Door Lock
  2. Realtime GL899 Glass Door Lock
  3. ZKTeco ZM100 Face Recognition Smart Lock
  4. ZKTeco PL10R Smart Lock with Advanced RFID Technology
  5. ZKTeco AL20B Lever Lock With Touch Screen and Bluetooth-Fingerprint

Smart Door Lock Price in Bangladesh

Nowadays, Smart Door Locks are widely used. You can open them with a PIN, debit or credit card, fingerprint, or an app. The use of smart locking systems is increasing in popularity in Bangladesh. We have available smart door locks with different prices depending on the features. If you want a smart door lock at the lowest price may, it costs about 7,000BDT to 15,000BDT. On the other hand, if you want an expensive smart door lock, you have to surely pay around 16,000BDT to 40,000BDT


We should consider some factors before buying a Smart Door Lock. We have to consider the quality of smart door locks. In addition, authentication systems, outlooking, etc. So if you want to make your daily life a little bit simpler and stylish, smart door locks can play a great role.