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PA & Conference System PAVA8500E 8 Zones Extender Amplifier
PAVA8500E 8 Zones Extender Amplifier
PAVA8500E 8 Zones Extender AmplifierPAVA8500E 8 Zones Extender Amplifier

PAVA8500E 8 Zones Extender Amplifier

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Product Code PR01255
Model PAVA8500E

    • Built-in 500W digital amplifier, integrated Dante technology
    • 8 zones speaker oupput with individual management
    • Auto detection for system failure, AC/DC, paging Mic, etc.
    • Zones extendable by another extender amplifier
    • Support remote control via computer
    • Comply with EN54-16 requirements

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Last Modified On: 07-03-2024

PAVA8500E 8 Zones Extender Amplifier Best Price in BD

The PAVA8500E is an 8-zone integrated voice alarm PA system extender amplifier designed to seamlessly expand the capabilities of your existing PA system. Here's what it offers:
Enhanced Coverage:
Expands existing systems: Connect the PAVA8500E to your existing PA system to add 8 additional speaker zones, reaching a wider audience and ensuring clear communication throughout your facility.
Scalable solution: This extender amplifier allows you to connect another extender for even further expansion, reaching up to 1000 zones in total.
Powerful Performance:
500W digital amplifier: Delivers clear and powerful audio to all connected speakers, ensuring effective communication even in large spaces.
Individual zone management: Control the volume of each zone independently, allowing you to tailor the sound experience to specific areas.
Advanced Features:
Auto detection: The PAVA8500E automatically detects system failures, AC/DC power issues, paging microphones, and other potential problems, keeping you informed of the system's health.
Dante technology: Enables seamless integration with Dante audio networks, providing flexibility and ease of use in complex installations.
EN54-16 compliance: Meets stringent European standards for voice alarm control and indicating equipment, ensuring the system's reliability and effectiveness in emergency situations.
Additional benefits:
  • Model PAVA8500E
    Rated output power ≥500W(100V)
    Input sensitivity 5mV 600Ω
    Harmonic distortion <1% 1kHz
    Freq. response 80Hz-15kHz(±3dB)
    Signal to noise ratio >75dB(A weighting)
    Line output 1000mV
    Emergency mode relay output Short circuit, no voltage
    Storage form SD card
    Working power AC 220-240V/50-60Hz