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PA & Conference System MAG6363G Wireless Microphone
MAG6363G Wireless Microphone
MAG6363G Wireless MicrophoneMAG6363G Wireless Microphone

MAG6363G Wireless Microphone

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Product Code PR01254
Model MAG6363G


    • A network indoor speaker that combines a network terminal processor and high-fidelity speaker.
    • With a dual network interface redundancy design, it can work across network segments.
    • Can be mounted anywhere the network can reach.
    • With MP3 decoding and playback function.
    • Support 16bit digital audio stream decoding at a maximum sampling rate of 48kHz


Hotline: 01979234344 | Corporate: 01979234316
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Last Modified On: 07-03-2024
MAG6363G 2.4G Bluetooth Network Indoor Speaker is a modern network playback terminal based on the TCP/IP transmission protocol, which combines a fully digital analog-to-digital conversion signal processor with high-fidelity speaker to realize the integrated design of the processor and the speaker.c.