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Security Surveillance Hiksemi WAVE(N) 128GB Consumer SSD
Hiksemi WAVE(N) 128GB Consumer SSD
Hiksemi WAVE(N) 128GB Consumer SSDHiksemi WAVE(N) 128GB Consumer SSD

Hiksemi WAVE(N) 128GB Consumer SSD

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Product Code PR01181
Model WAVE(N) 128GB

    • Stable Data Transmission
    • Anti-Shock and Anti-Fall
    • Significant Compatibility
    • Advanced NAND Technology

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Last Modified On: 18-09-2023

Hiksemi WAVE(N) 128GB SSD

Hiksemi WAVE(N) 128GB Consumer SSD – the pinnacle of speed, reliability, and efficiency in the world of solid-state drives. With a capacious 128GB capacity, this SSD redefines your storage capabilities, ensuring you have ample space for your digital life. Power-efficient at just 2.5W max power consumption, it's an environmentally-conscious choice. When it comes to performance, this SSD is a powerhouse, boasting a staggering 40,000 max random 4K read IOPS and 70,000 max random 4K write IOPS, ensuring lightning-fast data access. The Hiksemi WAVE(N) shines with impressive sequential read speeds of up to 550MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 440MB/s, making it a perfect companion for tasks that demand high data transfer rates.

What truly sets the Hiksemi WAVE(N) apart is its durability, with an astounding MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 1,500,000 hours. This means you can trust this SSD to keep your data safe and sound for years to come. Operating temperature is a breeze, ranging from 0 to 70℃, ensuring stability even in varying environmental conditions. The interface is SATAIII, ensuring broad compatibility with a wide range of devices. The storage medium is cutting-edge 3D NAND technology, ensuring reliability and speed that meets and exceeds your expectations. With a substantial TBW (Terabytes Written) rating of 35TB, this SSD is built to handle your daily data needs with ease. Designed for ultimate convenience, the Hiksemi WAVE(N) is incredibly lightweight, weighing in at a mere ≤5.4g, making it ideal for laptops, ultrabooks, and desktop setups alike. To further instill confidence in its longevity, the Hiksemi WAVE(N) comes with a generous 3-year warranty, ensuring that you have peace of mind in your purchase. Even in extreme storage conditions, this SSD has you covered with a storage temperature range from -40°C to 85°C.

Key Features
Capacity 128GB
Max. Power Consumption 2.5W
Max. Ran. 4K read IOPS 40K
Max. Ran. 4K write IOPS 70K
Max. Seq. Read (MB/S) 550MB/s
Max. Seq. Write (MB/S) 440MB/s
MTBF 1,500,000 hours
Operation Temperature 0-70℃
Generel Information
Interface  SATAIII
Storage Medium 3D NAND
Physical Information
Weight ≤5.4g
Warranty Information
Warranty 3 years
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C