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IP Phone & PBX P10/P10P/P10G High Performance Entry-level IP Phone
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P10/P10P/P10G High Performance Entry-level IP Phone

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Product Code PR01132
Brand Flyingvoice
Model p10

    2.3"132*64px LCD screen with an adjustable backlight
    2 SIP accounts
    2 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports(P10/P10P) , 2 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports(P10G)
    HD voice, 6-way audio conference
    Wall mountable
    Stand with 2 adjustable angles
    Local phonebook up to 2000 entries

Hotline: 01979234344 | Corporate: 01979234319
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Last Modified On: 19-06-2023

Flyingvoice P10/P10P/P10G is a high-performance communication device for business users. Equipped with a 2.3"132*64px graphical LCD screen with an adjustable backlight, it provides users with a clear visual experience. The P10/P10P/P10G supports 2 SIP accounts, integrated 100M dual Ethernet ports, and PoE (P10P/P10G) for easy network connection. The P10G has integrated 1000M dual Ethernet ports for faster internet access. And it supports HD voice technologies including Wideband Codec G.722 and Opus for high-quality calls. In addition, it is easy to set up at 60 and 45 angles on a desk or 15-angle mount on the wall, meeting different application scenarios.

LCD 2.8 inch TN color display
Resoulution 320*240