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PA & Conference System D6576 Professional Automatic Feedback Suppressor
D6576 Professional Automatic Feedback Suppressor
D6576 Professional Automatic Feedback SuppressorD6576 Professional Automatic Feedback SuppressorD6576 Professional Automatic Feedback Suppressor

D6576 Professional Automatic Feedback Suppressor

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Product Code PR01274
Model D6576

    ● Sensitivity level: -26dBFS
    ● 2 inputs for line/microphone, along with 2 outputs for line/microphone
    ● Embedded with advanced high-speed floating-point digital signal processor and adaptive feedback notch processing algorithm technology
    ● The front panel includes 4*8-segment real-time level display indicators for accurate visualization of input/output signal levels
    ● Convenient buttons on the panel for muting channels, bypassing, and resetting filters
    ● Each input is equipped with 15 adaptive notch filters, which can be configured with dynamic/fixed filters as required
    ● Utilizes TCP/IP control protocol for PC connectivity, enabling control and adjustment of various parameters via a web page
    ● Supporting multi-level analog volume adjustment ranging from -18dBV to 12dBV.

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Last Modified On: 10-03-2024

The D6576 product is a high-quality professional automatic feedback suppressor (adaptive feedback notch processing) equipped with 2 (balanced/unbalanced) analog inputs and 2 (balanced/unbalanced) analog outputs. The product has built-in DSP functions such as adaptive notch filter, noise gate, analog volume adjustment, mute, bypass pass-through, etc. The device can be controlled via RJ45 driver-free connection to a computer web page,making it suitable for use in various occasions.

Model D6576
DSP Chip 40-bit floating-point SHARC DSP 450MHz
Digital-Analog Conversion 24-bit
Sampling Rate 48KHz
Input Channel 2 inputs (balanced/unbalanced)
Audio Interface XLR balanced input and output, single-ended (RCA) unbalanced input and output
Input Impedance 10KΩ
Max. Input Level (1% Distortion) 10V
Max. Output Level (1% Distortion) 1.5V
Output Channel 2 outputs (balanced/unbalanced)
Output Impedance 220Ω
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz(±1dB)
THD+N(@1KHz,0dBV) ≤0.004
Audio Performance 20Hz-20kHz(±1dB)