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PA & Conference System Solution Importer in Bangladesh

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Last Modified On: 21-10-2023

Public Address System:  A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system that includes a microphone, amplifier, speakers, and related equipment. Based on the transmisson technogy it can be devided into two major categries, 1. Analog Public Address System (PA System) and 2. Network Based Public Address System. 

A PA system may include multiple microphones or other sources, a mixer to combine and change multiple sources, and multiple amplifiers and speakers for higher volume or wider distribution.

Simple public address systems are commonly used in small rooms such as school rooms, churches and small bars. Acoustic reinforcement systems with many speakers are widely used for presentations in public, institutional and commercial buildings and places such as schools, stadiums, cruise ships and airplanes. Intercom systems installed in many buildings have speakers throughout the building and many rooms have microphones so residents can respond to notifications. Public address and intercom systems are commonly used in emergency communications systems.

Conference System: Digital conferencing system, is high-tech content of a professional product line, the use of advanced digital processing of the transmission technology, and the combination of advanced digital technology and audio technology to achieve a seamless connection of the Central control system and provide a comprehensive solution for efficiant modern conference systems. The system includes discussion and speaking, Simultaneous interpretation, teleconference, voting, camera tracking etc.,  and has a variety of operating modes and management software.