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Flap Barrier Price in Bangladesh

Flap Barrier is one of the access control management turnstile equipment. It comes with a device for emergency control, and it automatically opens while people walk through the gate when they swipe access cards or face readers. It's mainly used for pedestrian access control management and most often applied in combination with biometric device entry controls like swipe card, fingerprint, face recognition, etc. It is also called a blocking gate, flap barrier gate, flap barrier turnstile. 

We have provided all the premium Flap Barriers of different bands all over Bangladesh since 2006. We are the Authorized Distributor of world-renowned brands  ZKTecoRealtimeVirdi, DSPPAB&TonVIANSNexakey, and many more in Bangladesh. We offer all the high-end Flap Barriers at the best price in Bangladesh. 

How does a Flap Barrier work?

Flap barriers work with the visible wings that move in and out. Flap Barriers come up with sensors to prevent unauthorized entry and a safety mechanism for individuals when passing through. The flap barrier opens automatically when someone swipes their card or shows their face in the face reader; after they pass, it closes after a few seconds. This is an added feature to ensure people will not be injured by the closing of those wings while they are moving past them.

Where can Flap Barriers be used?

Flap Barriers are simple and cost-effective automatic entrance gates to maintain crowded areas. The main focus of these barriers is an inbuilt anti-breakthrough machine, which is used to find authorized and unauthorized persons who enter the premises. Flap Barriers are commonly installed at places like exhibitions, supermarkets, public transport,  hotel, museum, railway, bus stations, ferry terminals, factories, etc., but they're mostly found in commercial and industrial establishments as well. 

Types of Flap Barriers

Advantages of Flap Barriers

Best Flap Barriers in Bangladesh

Digi-Mark Solution is the best Flap Barriers supplier in Bangladesh. We have an expert technical team to install it successfully on your precious premises. We offer the high-performance Flap Barrier at the best price in Bangladesh. Different types of Flap Barriers are available to choose from, for example: 
ZKTeco Mars Pro-F1000
ZKTeco FBL5000
ZKTeco FBL2000
ZKTeco FBL4000

Important things to consider before buying a Flap Barrier

Digi-Mark Solution has available Flap Barriers of different brands with the best market price for the Dealer or retail customers. You can buy from our head office (Dhaka Motijheel), IDB branch, Multiplan branch, Uttara Branch, or Chittagong showrooms. We have dedicated Technical engineers to assist all over Bangladesh. Total set-up and after-sale support can be ensured at the best price. To know more details, please get in touch with Us at our Facebook Page or 01979-234344.

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