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Youth Group | Vehicle Entrance Solution | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Published On : 24-07-2022

Vehicle Entrance Solution at Youth Group | Dhaka, Bangladesh

About the project: 

The history of YOUTH GROUP can be stretched back to early Eighties. A group of visionary and dynamic individuals with their capable hands started the venture. Throughout several years, by delivering excellence to the stakeholders, the group has now become one of the most diversified business conglomerates of the country. The Group has ingrained footsteps in Power, Energy, Textile and Mineral sectors. A capable management team is continuously driving excellence and creating ideas to generate values.



Project Site:  Youth Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Requirement: 

The Youth Group wants only authorized vheicles in their premises. They required a fully functioned & optimized Parking Barrier Device with a Straight Boom and as the length of the road. For vehicle detection a radar sensor should also be developed to detect and identify various vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks), pedestrians, and small (distant) objects within a detection area from 1m to 6m around the boom barrier.



Device Name

Device model


Vehicle Entrance Control 

Parking Barrier



Solution Description:

The CMP200 series offers brand-new automatic barrier gates equipped with telescopic boom arm that allows direction exchanging according to site application and a silvery housing with built-in LED indicating the state of the parking barrier, providing humanized user experience.
Its appearance and structure are designed based on the feedback and needs of the market and industry. Comparing with other barrier gates, the CMP200 series of automatic barrier gate products with telescopic straight boom might be an economic good fit meeting demands in different parking lots.