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All Case Studies / NSI, Gulshan 2 | Vehicle Entrance Control Solution | Dhaka, Bangladesh

NSI, Gulshan 2 | Vehicle Entrance Control Solution | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Published On : 24-07-2022

Vehicle Entrance Control Solution at NSI, Gulshan 2 | Dhaka, Bangladesh


About the project: 

The National Security Intelligence, commonly known as the NSI, is one of the principal intelligence agencies of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The NSI's headquarters is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The NSI is the leading body of the Government of Bangladesh in the field of internal security, counter intelligence, and foreign intelligence. 




Project Site: NSI, Gulshan 2 | Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Requirement: 

National Security Intelligence as a security agency they need extra security. In that case they want only authorized vheicles in their premises. As their recquirement : A fully functioned & optimized Parking Barrier Device with a Straight Boom and as the length of the road. For vehicle detection a radar sensor should also be developed to detect and identify various vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks), pedestrians, and small (distant) objects within a detection area from 1m to 6m around the boom barrier.



Device Name

Device model


Vehicle Entrance Control 

Parking Barrier



Solution Description:

PB4030 series parking barrier adopts die-casting aluminum alloy motor and extraordinary structural design, it offers not only a long-life cycle, high reliablity and quality, but also reduces the difficulty of equipment maintenance. It is an ideal choice for vehicle entrance control management.