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All Case Studies / Security Inspection Solution at a renowned Spinning Mills | Sripur, Gazipur

Security Inspection Solution at a renowned Spinning Mills | Sripur, Gazipur

Published On : 08-09-2022

Security Inspection Solution at a Largest Spinning Mills | Sripur, Gazipur


About the project:

It is the largest and most modern spinnig mills in Bangladesh with nearly 34,000 spindles. Its founders are a group of dynamic enterpreneurs who have made an immense contribution to development of the textile sector of Bangladesh.

The company began its commercial operations in 1995. It was one of the first uster-certified spinninng mills in Bangladesh and procures its cotton from the finest ginners and farms across the world. This enables it to produce a consistently sperior quality of yarn to those of its peers.

It is a deemed exporter and 100% of its yarn is supplied to local (knit) garments manufacturers, who then export these garments to world-renowned apparel retailers. 


Project Site:  Spinning Mills, Sripur, Gazipur

Project Requirement: 

As a largest mills, it has to service a lot of clients every day, also they need to check every single employees. In that case, it is impossible to check every single person manually for security. Thus, a feasible solution is a system that is able to instantly and effectively detect and recognize dangerous goods including weapons in order to stop any potential threat to security. They need walk-through metal detectors more convenient and efficient. 



Device Name

Device model


Security Inspection

Walk Through Metal Detector




Function Description:

ZK-D4330S is a walk-through metal detector with the ultimately outstanding performance of metal detection; with 33 mutual over-lapping detection zones and simultaneous alarm from multi-zones, it easily detects all means of metal objects to offer full preciseness. It also has adjustable sensitivity levels from 0 to 300 to suit every customer’s needs.