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All Case Studies / Security Inspection Solution at a Regional Govt office (Project-12) | Madaripur, Bangladesh

Security Inspection Solution at a Regional Govt office (Project-12) | Madaripur, Bangladesh

Published On : 06-09-2022

Security Inspection Solution at a Regional Govt office (Project-12) | Madaripur, Bangladesh


About the project:

As a government regional office of Madaripur, there needs to ensure high security. This office has to service a lot of people every day. This office is located in Madaripur District. That's why the officers of this office realize that they need to enhance the security of their office premises. 

People for different issues they enter to this govt office's premises. But no one knows if anyone enters with any dangerous objects. To ensure safety a dangerous objects detector must be needed. 



Project Site: At a govt office, Madaripur, Bangladesh

Project Requirement: 

As a govt office has to service a lot of clients every day. In that case, it is impossible to check every single person manually for security. Thus, a feasible solution is a system that is able to instantly and effectively detect and recognize dangerous goods including weapons in order to stop any potential threat to security. They need walk-through metal detectors more convenient and efficient. 



Device Name

Device model


Security Inspection

Walk Through Metal Detector




Function Description:

ZK-D4330S is a walk-through metal detector with the ultimately outstanding performance of metal detection; with 33 mutual over-lapping detection zones and simultaneous alarm from multi-zones, it easily detects all means of metal objects to offer full preciseness. It also has adjustable sensitivity levels from 0 to 300 to suit every customer’s needs.