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All Case Studies / Security Inspection Solution at an Academy of a Development Organizations, Dhaka

Security Inspection Solution at an Academy of a Development Organizations, Dhaka

Published On : 30-07-2022

Security Inspection Solution at an Academy of a Development Organizations | Dhaka, Bangladesh


About the project:

The aim of the Academies is to develop future leaders with the skills and knowledge to support positive development in their societies. The Academies achieve this by recruiting exceptional young people from all backgrounds and providing them with the highest international standard of education.

Admission is based upon merit, with financial aid available to ensure access for accepted students regardless of financial circumstances.




Project Site: at an Academy of Development Organisations, Dhaka


Project Requirement:

As a biggest Acamedy in Bangladesh every day they need to serve a great number of students. It would not be realistic and possible to register every persons’s identity, and it would not prevent armed attacks either. Thus, a feasible solution is a system that is able to instantly and effectively detect and recognize dangerous goods, including weapons, in order to stop any potential threat to security.



Device Name

Device model



Security Inspection



Walk Through Metal Detector

ZK-D4030 IP65


X-ray Baggage Scanner



Function Description:

ZKX5030A X-ray inspection system increases the operator’s ability to identify potential threats; the device is designed to scan briefcases, carry on baggage, small cargo parcels. ZKX5030A uses reliable high quality single energy X-ray generator. With the superb image algorithm, ZKX5030A could offer clear scanning image, which allows operators to identify potential threat items visually. With ergonomic modern design, ZKX5030A could help operators to identify suspicious items fast and accurately.

ZK-D4030 adapts beam structure, modular design, and hidden wiring design. This design not only is more convenient for installation, maintenance and logistics, but also enables higher security level.