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Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort, Cox's Bazar | ZKTeco Parking Barrier Solution

Published On : 27-06-2022

Parking Barrier Solution at Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort, Cox's Bazar | ZKTeco | Digi-Mark Solution

About The Project:

Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Cox's Bazar, offering a luxury environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to enhance tourists stay. 

As the carpark of the site is daily accessed by a large number of vehicles, security staffs had to carry out heavy workload previously.  It sometimes accumulated heavy traffic loading. So, the site required to build a parking barrier system to manage the traffic flow to maintain vehicles conveniently. 


Project Site: Ocean Paradise Hotel & Resort, Cox's Bazar

Project Requirement: A fully functioned & optimized Parking Barrier Device with a Straight Boom. As the length of the road is 6 meter, the boom has to be 6 meter long & the boom has to come with LED Light on it with Red when Barrier is closed and Green when Barrier is open just for proper vision of the barrier at night time. For vehicle detection a radar sensor should also be developed to detect and identify various vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks), pedestrians, and small (distant) objects within a detection area from 1m to 6m around the boom barrier.



Device Name

Device model


Vehicle Entrance Control 

Parking Barrier



Radar Sensor

Vehicle Reader




Solution Description:

ZKTeco PB3060L is a high performance and high-speed barrier gate. It adopts high-performance servomotor, simple and reliable transmission structure, high-temperature resistant control panel, humane interaction design on appearance and impact protection design on boom connector. It comes with a 6m long LED Straight Boom. It offers not only a long-life cycle, high reliability and quality, but also reduces the difficulty of equipment maintenance. It is an ideal choice for vehicle entrance control management. It is an ideal choice for vehicle entrance control management.

  • Supports external infrared radiation and Vehicle loop detector for anti-crash function;
  • 4.5s opening & closing speed for 6m Boom;
  • Most suitable for low traffic sites with wide lane such as industrial park, apartment, government department and public institutions.
  • Built-in LED indicator light with Red & Green color that switches according to the barrier gate’s state.
  • Impact protection when vehicle collides into the product, boom will be automatically detached to prevent damage on vehicle and product’s body.