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All Case Studies / Mohammadi Group | Lotus Kamal Tower-One (10th Floor) 57 Joar Sahara C/A. Nikunja-2, Dhaka

Mohammadi Group | Lotus Kamal Tower-One (10th Floor) 57 Joar Sahara C/A. Nikunja-2, Dhaka

Published On : 30-05-2022

Project Description::

Mohammadi Group is a renowned conglomerate in Bangladesh. The company started its operations in 1986 in the garments industry with merely 52 workers; today it employees over 10,000. The company has over the years diversified and excelled in Real Estate, Power Generation, Information Technology, Media & Entertainment. The company's latest endeavour, Nagorik Television launched at the beginning of March 2018.

Project Requirements :

Vision of the project is to implement holistic and integrated video surveillance system for the above mentioned nodes of OSMANABAD. This system shall also integrate with surveillance systems of different stakeholders with the objective of enhancing safety and security in the MG Group All Properties. The system shall help-

 • Support police to maintain Law and Order

 • Act as an aid to investigation

• Improve Traffic Management

 • Help in deterring, detecting and thus dealing with criminal activities

 • Address threats from Terrorist attacks

 • Attain faster turnaround time for crime resolution and proper investigation

 • Monitoring of suspicious people, vehicles, objects etc. with respect to protecting life and property and maintaining law and order in the MG Group

 • Continuous monitoring of some vital installations/ public places in MG Building area for keeping eye on regular activities & for disaster management support The Proposed video surveillance system will enable the above by following:

 • Providing alerts/ feedback to the Police Department about abnormal movements/ suspicious objects etc. • Better Management of Security breaches based on alerts received from system

 • Improved turnaround time in responding to any investigation case, faster access to evidence in case of security breach, law violation in the prescribed areas