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Mainamati International School (MIS), Comilla, Bangladesh | Entrance Control Management | ZKTeco

Published On : 18-11-2021

Mainamati International School (MIS), Comilla, Bangladesh | ZKTeco Entrance Control Management

Project Description:

Mainamati International School in short MIS, an English Medium School, is located at Comilla Cantonment. The school started its journey in the year 1997 and was housed in Honeymoon Lodge building at Shahid Serajul Islam Road. Due to growing demand of studying in English Version amongst the general mass MIS is shifted to its new campus. The fourth stored school building was inaugurated in December 2016 and MIS started its academic activities in new campus from January 2017. Though the children of army families will get priority to study here, the admission is open to students from civil background as well. The institution is committed to provide quality education to the young generation, the future hope and aspiration of ours.

End User: Mainamati International School (MIS), Comilla, Bangladesh.

Project Requirements:

As a reputable educational institution, our client highly concerned their student’s safety and any security loophole would be threatening to it. With increasing terror attacks globally coming with the growing tension among nations and geopolitical risks, it is definitely necessary to enhance the public security level in order to prevent causing loss to clients. Apart from reliable and convenient entrance control system, they had some specific requirements: Fixed Alarm, Convenient for everyone, Elegant Entrance Outlook & Quick Verification.

Implementation Solution



Device Name

Device model


Entrance Control

Tripod Turnstiles



Function Descriptions: 

The TS2000 series offer well-designed, two-legged casework made of stainless steel, ideal for sites where high traffic and robustness are issued. It provides both security and convenience, all in a very durable compact design. TS2022 Tripod Turnstile (w/ controller and combination fingerprint & RFID reader) positively recognizing a user’s valid access card or fingerprint, its tripod arms unlock, thus allowing users passage to the secured side

Reliability, Safety & Built-in Reader Integration are the main features of the TS2000 Series Tripod Turnstiles.