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All Case Studies / Entrance Control Solution at a Govt Office | Faridpur, Bangladesh

Entrance Control Solution at a Govt Office | Faridpur, Bangladesh

Published On : 25-07-2022

Entrance Control Solution at a Government Office | Faridpur, Bangladesh 



About the project:

Govt officers of Faridpur highly required a safe environment in their office premises. In this case, they need to control entering unauthorized persons to ensure high security. Using a turnstile gate, only employees, officers, and authorized people are able to access the restricted premises.



Project Site: At a Govt Office, Faridpur, Bangladesh

Project Requirement: 

As a govt officer, our client is highly concerned about their safety and any security loophole would be threatening to it. Apart from a reliable and convenient entrance control system, they had some specific requirements: Fixed Alarm, Convenient for everyone, Elegant Entrance Outlook & Quick Verification.



Device Name

Device model


Entrance Control

Tripod Turnstile




Function Description:

TS1022 Pro Series is a single-lane tripod turnstile series designed for smooth and silent operation and energy efficiency. It’s made of stainless steel which makes TS1022 Pro Series highly durable. TS1000 Pro Series is also surprisingly compact and designed to operate in small workspaces. This  Tripod Turnstile compatible with w/ controller and combination fingerprint & RFID reader.