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Bay Emporium Ltd | Dhaka | Bangladesh

Published On : 16-11-2021

Project Description :

Project Site : Bay Emporium Ltd | Dhaka | Bangladesh;

     Bay Emporium Ltd. is a “Family Footwear Retail Company” which established in 2003 with a wide range of products for both male & female person aging from infant to senior citizen. Our target market includes metropolitan & semi-urban areas, Neo-traditional customers of middle-income & upper-middle-income group. In the Organization Family of Footwear Retail Market, Bay Emporium Ltd. stands in third position with 75 shops in different areas in Bangladesh.

We are driven by dedication to our work, the pursuit of opportunity and commitment to the best. This is the spirit that has urged us onward from the beginning. We identify opportunities, plan with precision and execute with skill. Our business vision is to be a benchmark in the market, with brands that are admired and favored in our sectors and to fulfill our client’s dreams, desires, and expectations, with motivated and satisfied staff, generating results with sustainability. These visions led us to new challenges and enabled us to deliver the best solutions for each customer.

Function Description


• ZK-D4330 supports multiple detection zone modes, including the modes of a single detection zone, 6 detection zones, 11 detection zones, and 33 detection zones.


• It can detect multiple weapons, contraband and/or suspicious metallic objects at the same time from the top of the metal detector to the bottom of the shoes of each traveler walking through and quickly pinpoint the accurate location of the target from head to toe and on the left or right side of the individual.


• Depending on the size and shape of the suspicious item, different alarm intensities will be displayed on the control panel. Users may adjust the sensitivity levels as needed.


• Besides, it is not unusual for travelers to have watches and some small decorative items on. Endless amounts of rings, necklaces, earrings and watches will be picked up with a metal detector. ZK-D4330 is able to filter out items such as jewelry, accessories, buttons, medallions, coins, watches and belts to reduce time for travelers taking off and putting back on the items.