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Best Fingerprint Time Attendance Device in Bangladesh | DIGI-MARK SOLUTION

Published On : 18-07-2023

Best Fingerprint Time Attendance Price in Bangladesh

In the old days, institutions and companies used to use registry books to keep an attendance record of employees and students, but in this century, there are lots of solutions, the fingerprint time attendance system one of them. At present more companies and institutions are using Fingerprint Time Attendance machines to keep an eye on employees' attendance. Now we are going to take a dive into the Best Fingerprint Time Attendance device in Bangladesh at the best price. This post will include the top 5 best Fingerprint Time Attendance devices. 

Best 5 Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine in Bangladesh


ZKTeco F22

The ZKTeco F22 is an ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with a BioID sensor and Wi-Fi that offers unparalleled performance with an advanced algorithm for reliability and excellent matching speed. Its features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZKTeco high-performance, good image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor. It provides a superior touching experience with a touch keypad and also offers flexibility for standalone installation or with any 3rd-party access control panel that supports a standard Wiegand signal. RS485, TCP/IP, and Wi-Fi are also available; the device can be used in different networks. This device can be used at schools, colleges, universities, hotels, factories, and many more industries.

ZKTeco K40

At present, intrusion detection systems are becoming very popular in the protection of human life and property. The ZKTeco K40 is a common access control terminal. It has an electrical lock for third parties and an extra interface for exit buttons that will ensure maximum surveillance. The ZKTeco K40 has a 2.8-inch TFT display as well as TCP / IP and USB host data management systems and connectivity. The size of the device is neither too big nor too small. Its actual dimension is 18.4 X 13.6 X 3.76 centimeters. It has the capacity to hold 1000 fingerprints as well as the capacity to hold 1000 ID cards as well as the ability to hold 60,000 records in one go.