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Shenzhen VIANS Electric Lock Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a professional manufacturer of security lock products, mainly produces magnetic locks, electric locks, cathodic locks, motor locks, electric lock stents, automatic door opener, And other products. All products are independent design, research and development, production, sales, the current lock products have been all through the CE certification and the Chinese public security departments of detection, in line with international standards and security needs, is now widely used in airports, subways, Banks, prisons, intelligent buildings, intelligent community and other important places for the global user to provide convenient, fast, intelligent import and export management; VIANS electric lock compared to other electric lock products, products with stable performance, preferential prices and personality Of the service, I have the Secretary for the products have been sold to the world more than 60 countries and regions, by the customer's wide acclaim and favor. 

DIGI-MARK SOLUTION is the authorized disitributor of Vians since 2016, and responsible to provide all after sales support in Bangladesh Territory.

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