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Heavy Duty Fingerprint Device in Bangladesh

Published On : 15-08-2023

Comprehensive List of Heavy Duty Fingerprint Devices by Top Brands in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's pursuit of advanced security solutions is greatly enriched by renowned brands like ZKTeco, Realtime, and Virdi. This comprehensive list highlights their impressive heavy-duty fingerprint devices, each designed to provide robust access control and enhance security across various sectors.


  1. ZKTeco TF1700: Renowned for its sturdy build, the TF1700 combines fingerprint and RFID card authentication. Its vandal-resistant design and weatherproof construction make it suitable for outdoor and high-traffic environments.

  2. ZKTeco F21: With advanced fingerprint algorithms, the F21 offers seamless integration with third-party access control systems. Its robust construction and user-friendly interface ensure efficient security management.


  1. Realtime T52: The T52 offers reliable fingerprint recognition and card authentication. Its durable build and advanced features make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking stringent access control.

  2. Realtime T5: The T5 stands out with its sleek design and comprehensive authentication options. Combining fingerprint, card, and PIN access, it enhances security without compromising on aesthetics.


  1. Virdi AC5000 Plus: Virdi's AC5000 Plus is known for its versatility, combining fingerprint, card, and PIN authentication. Its tamper-proof design and cutting-edge technology make it a formidable choice for diverse applications.

  2. Virdi AC2100 Plus: Compact and powerful, the AC2100 Plus offers fingerprint recognition and card authentication. Its user-friendly interface and durable build cater to varying security needs.