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Best Baggage Scanner in Bangladesh

Published On : 02-07-2022

Best Baggage Scanner in Bangladesh

At present, investment in security inspection devices is very important because the restricted area might be affected by terrorists, anti-social, and other insecurity factors, putting us in a dangerous environment. A baggage scanner is one kind of security inspection device that allows items to be scanned quickly, giving thorough information about the contents. And scanning the items in the baggage assists in knowing the prohibited things. 

Baggage Scanner BD Price

We must invest in security inspection to enhance the security of our institutions, businesses, and public places such as airports, schools, banks, Auditoriums, Market places, stadiums, courier services, etc. Nowadays, many offices and organizations in BD use Baggage scanners to ensure high security. We have an expert technical team to install baggage scanners all over Bangladesh. We are the importer of high-quality Baggage Scanner, and we provide at the best price in bd. To know more feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page or call 01979-234344

Baggage Scanner Size

Normally baggage scanners are two kinds there are Single view and Dual-view. Single view x-ray baggage scanner scan objects from one direction. On the other hand, the Dual view x-ray baggage scanner has two generators, and it scans objects from two different angles. Different sizes of Baggage Scanners are available; if you are looking for a small baggage scanner, you can choose a scanner with a 500x300mm tunnel size; on the other hand, if you need a scanner for scanning big objects, we should buy a Baggage scanner with 600x400mm tunnel size. 

Types of Baggage Scanner

There are different types of Baggage Scanner, and they use different types of technology. There are:

  • Small Parcel Scanner
  • Handheld Baggage Scanner
  • Large Baggage Scanner
  • Cargo scanner

Airport Baggage Scanner Price

Daily, thousands of people are in and out at the Airport. It is mandatory to secure this place. Baggage scanners are mostly used in the Airport to check passengers’ bags. For example, we can see the x-ray baggage scanner in the Hazarat Shajalal International Airport, Dhaka, Shah Amanat International Airport, Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar  Airport, etc. Considering the security of our airports, we provide the Baggage Scanner at a low price. 


Best X-Ray Baggage Scanner

There is a wide range of X-Ray Baggage Scanner in Bangladesh. If you want a high-end baggage scanner with the best price, we highly recommend you buy the ZKTeco Baggage Scanner. For a better experience, you can install ZKTeco ZKX5030A, ZKX6550A, and ZKTeco BLADE6040

Baggage Rules in Bangladesh

There are 03 different Baggage Rules issued by the National Board of Revenue.

  1. Passenger (Non-Tourist) Baggage (Import) Rules, 2016
  2. Air Passenger Unaccompanied Baggage (Export) Rules, 1999
  3. Tourists Baggage (Import) Rules, 1981

These rules are framed to provide duty concessions and benefits to passengers and travelers, either tourists or non-tourist.

Facilities for Non Tourists

  • Non-tourist passengers enjoy certain privileges and duty exemption under Passenger (Non-Tourist) Baggage (Import) Rules, 2016. Non-tourist passengers coming through air and sea enjoy two types of benefits.

Facilities for - Tourists

  • Tourists who visit Bangladesh for a period of more than twenty-four hours but not more than 06 months and do not get engaged in any gainful or remunerative profession or calling in Bangladesh are entitled to the duty-free import of personal effects, jewelry, binoculars, photographic camera,  non-professional video camera, personal computer, physical aids, etc.

Facilities for Air Passengers 

  • Under the Air Passengers Unaccompanied Baggage Rules, 1999, baggage means the reasonable quantity of used or new clothes and other effects and gift items. Under these Rules, the Customs authority permits the export of unaccompanied baggage of outgoing air passengers on fulfilment of three conditions. Learn More about Rules

Baggage Scanner Specification

Usually, every baggage scanner consists of an in-feed and out-feed table, a CPU, a monitor display, UPS, and Rodent and dust protection cover. But every Baggage Scanner’s specifications are not the same such as the Tunnel Size, Throughput, Resolution, Penetration Thickness, Boundary Leakage, S/N Ratio, Conveyor speed, etc.

Bottom Line

Ensuring safety in a restricted area by checking the dangerous instruments is a vital part. To detect any dangerous metal objects, we highly recommend installing baggage scanners in Airports, Railway Stations, Malls, Financial institutions, Embassies, Government Departments, Schools, Customs, Borders and any other ports. Digi-Mark Solution is the authorized distributor of ZKTeco Baggage Scanner in Bangladesh. We have an expert technical team to install all over Bangladesh.